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Hermès Swim Spa
Hermès Swim Spa
Swim Turbine - 5 places
580x228x150 cm - 38 jets
The Déméter Swim Spa
The Déméter Swim Spa
swimTurbine - 5 seats
580x228x150 cm
Les points forts
Full immersion
Full immersion
With a plunge pool, fully immerse yourself in the swim spa
Sportive swimming
Sportive swimming
Using powerful jets, you can swim against the flow and exercise in your swim spa
Swim spas allow you to share moments together with family and/or friends

If you're torn between choosing a Turbine swim spa or one from our River Jet range, let's introduce you to the Turbine range first. This selection features high-end swim spas designed for relaxation and offers a more stable and smoother swimming experienc

Our Turbine Swim Spa Model

Within our Turbine swim spa collection, you'll find two exceptional products: the Demeter swim spa and the Hermès swim spa. Both of these swim spas are part of our sports swim spa series, meticulously crafted for individuals who engage in regular sports activities.

The Demeter swim spa accommodates up to 5 people and boasts dimensions of 580x228x150 cm, with a water volume of 9270 liter.

The Hermès swim spa, on the other hand, provides seating for up to 8 people and shares the same dimensions of 580x228x150 cm, with a water volume of 8290 liters. The Hermès swim spa is equipped with 38 nozzles and underwater LEDs, enhancing your waterline experience. Additionally, it offers three seats for indulgent hydrotherapy massages.

What's the Principle of a Turbine Swim Spa?

The core principle of a Turbine swim spa centers on the counter-current swimming turbine, which allows you to swim in place against a controlled current. This current generates resistance, enabling a wide range of aquatic exercises such as aquagym and swimming. Water in the swim lane is evenly distributed by water blades, resulting in a natural and swirl-free current. You can adjust the current's intensity across eight speeds to customize your workout, making it possible to swim endless "miles" right in the comfort of your home. The future Olympic swimmer could be you!

What Are the Benefits of a Turbine Swim Spa

The Turbine swim spa offers several key advantages. Firstly, the current produced by the Turbine is notably smoother and quieter compared to jet-based systems. The ergonomic design of the acrylic tank, which is exclusively crafted by Poseidon Spa, seamlessly accommodates various swimming styles, such as the crawl and breaststroke, allowing you to perform full-length swims against the current. Furthermore, by adjusting the Turbine's power, you can create a gentle current, ideal for post-workout relaxation massages. For more details, please refer to our technical specifications.

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